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Real Estate Staging is the process of effectively preparing a space to sell or rent in the shortest time for the highest price. It is the art and science of merchandising the best features, downplaying its flaws and understanding the psychology of making a buyer fall in love with a space.

You may have seen television shows where homeowners or management companies with properties that just won’t sell. Inspired Redesign provides services that remedy the situation. Staging is becoming an important aspect in selling homes today. In many areas of the country there is a large supply of homes and, as a result, a very competitive market. If you want to make your house the most sellable one in the neighborhood, you’ll undoubtedly have to perform some home staging.

Real Estate Staging involves cleaning, organizing, rearranging, updating and preparing a space for maximum appeal. A large factor of why people buy or rent a particular space is emotional. This is one of the reasons home staging is so effective – you create an atmosphere that projects pleasant times to come in a well-cared for, fresh, bright and uncluttered home.

Step 1 — Clear It

Clear out the clutter. This is the first and most important step to home-staging success. It does not have to cost a cent and it will make the biggest impact when selling a home.

Clutter is more than the day-to-day stuff that we accumulate, such as newspapers, magazines and mail. Too much furniture, too many collections, too many toys and too many accessories can make a home seem crowded and confining. By removing the excess, you are better able to highlight the space-and space sells houses.

Step 2 — Pack it

learing out the clutter makes packing more manageable. Buyers must be able to focus on the house and the space to determine how it fits their needs. They cannot do this if they are distracted or overwhelmed by the current owner’s belongings or decorating style. The seller should keep only those furniture pieces that enhance the space and convey the message of how the rooms are to be used.

Step 3 — Clean it

The house must sparkle and smell fresh. Dust, smoke, mildew and pet odors will make potential buyers turn in their tracks as soon as they walk in the door.

Step 4 — Fix it

Potential buyers want to see that the home has been well maintained. If minor repairs have not been made, the buyer might wonder what major repairs have been neglected.

Step 5 — Enhance it

Enhancing the home by setting the stage is the defining element in making a memorable impression on the buyer. Your goal is to create inviting scenes that will help the buyer to envision living in the home.

Buyers and renters are looking for spacious, uncluttered, light-filled rooms that are move-in ready. Give them what they want through the creative use of furniture, accessories and lighting.

-Michelle Rider, Inspired Redesign

It is a proven fact that Staged Homes sell 2-3 times faster than non-staged homes in a slow market and for more money in a hot market.

-Dallas Morning News

This fact alone explains why for years homebuilders have been furnishing and “staging” their model homes. Homebuilders understand that the average homebuyer has a difficult time envisioning what a space’s potential really is without the advantage of well placed furniture and accessories.

Realtors also understand the value of a well staged home – 76% of realtors recommend staging a home before it goes on the market!

Whether you are personally selling your home, have an office you need to show, need a model home staged, Inspired Redesign will help you “set the stage” to attract the widest range of potential buyers. A consultation is set up to view your home and discuss your needs. Real Estate Staging services are performed after the evaluation.