Inspired Redesign Services!


Have you been captivated by those decorating shows on HGTV and TLC? You know the ones, Decorating Cents, Free Style, Design ReMix? The list could go on and on...

The designers on those shows are amazing! They are able to create beautiful spaces and they do it by using the homeowner’s already existing furniture and accessories (and sometimes even items they find in the garage and the yard)!

Did you know the term for this type of decorating is called Redesign? Interior Redesign, otherwise known as “Use What You Own Decorating”, is making its way across America as one of the hottest and most economical decorating trends. By using furniture and accessories you currently have in your home, Inspired Redesign is able to save you time, money and the frustrations that often come along with a redecorating project.

With your permission, we “shop” your home for items, then blend them together to create a fresh, new and stylish décor – all achieved without stepping foot into a furniture store.

During the interior redesign process, we may suggest quick, inexpensive ways to infuse your home with newness by adding a few new pieces or suggesting some of our eco interior style tips such as; low VOC paint, purchasing a refurbished lampshade, painting furniture, etc.

Should you decide to use more than your current items, Inspired Redesign can make suggestions for additional pieces that will work well and fit seamlessly into your “new” space.