Inspired Redesign Services!


At Inspired Redesign our interior decorating services include space planning, color expertise, art and fabric selection, window treatments, personal decor shopping, Feng Shui and most exclusively, creative and one-of-a kind decorating ideas. We provide decorating services for the home, office, storefront, a special occasion or holiday.

With an incredibly affordable approach design, we take the time to listen to you, the client. After taking your wishes into consideration, along with your budget parameters, we design a makeover that’s truly just for you.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach to interior design is fresh, innovative and less expensive than the traditional approach to interior decorating.

How does this work? The main thing that sets Inspired Redesign apart from other designers is this – we are not obligated to sell furniture and accessories from specific furniture manufacturers and dealers. In fact, we look for creative ways to maximize your dollar by sourcing only the most reasonable manufactures until we find just the right piece for your space.

An interior designer who works for a furniture store will naturally recommend items they sell in their store. While these items are beautiful, they may not always be the best option for the customer. An interior designer who is employed by a design firm may suggest that their clients purchase items from certain manufacturers. The designer is paid a commission based on each item they sell.

Inspired Redesign is not limited to certain stores or manufacturers. Because we are not paid a commission, our clients’ design options are endless. When Inspired Redesign purchases items at a discount, we pass the savings, minus our cost on to our clients.

Call us to learn about our many services which include: Interior Design, Color Consultations, Feng Shui, Professional Painting, Drapes, and Personal Décor Shopping.