Inspired Redesign Services!


Whether you are looking for help with creating an original art piece to fit that unusually large, small, long, or intimate space, or you want help picking just the right art to fit with your new decor, Inspired Redesign will help you find the right solution.

Inspired Redesign has partnered with several local artists who can be commissioned for a VERY AFFORDABLE fee to create that painting, portrait or mural, that will uniquely fit into your home.

We also get a special discounted rate with and can help you select the perfect art, frame, matting and colors that will make your home pop.

If you have existing art that is special to you, we work with that too! Most clients do not realize that vertical/horizontal placement, lighting and even the wall they select to put art on is just as important as how the art looks. We will take the guesswork out of this process and provide an art placement plan that will absolutely dazzle your guests, office clients, and most importantly you!